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Promoting Roma culture through contemporary art.


Lăcătuşu Vasile went through the "gypsy trial", the parents came from Vânători Neamţ, the bulibaşa Ghiță - nicknamed the Minister -, the father was known for his toughness for more than 30 years he settled in Târgu-Neamţ.

The tradition of the "Gypsy judgement" is well known, being a process in which the entire Roma community participates, the bulibaşa makes a decision, a decision, which must be respected by the parties in conflict.

The prince, after the death of his father, tried to impose himself, trying to eliminate begging in Târgu-Neamţ.


He graduated from School No. 2 Grigore Ghica, learned and believes that education helps enormously in everyday life.

In the Roma community, as I pointed out in the previous articles, some traditions have been preserved regarding girls. Unmarried women must wear 3 tails, and married women must wear their hair in 2 tails. The age of marriage for girls remains between 13-17 years, the trend being on the rise.

Copoţ Zenovie, 79 years old, is the oldest of the Roma ethnic group. A tumultuous life story, with the deportation from Bug, when he was only 2 years old. He settled in Târgu-Neamţ, around 1950, after his marriage.

The loss of traditions is noticeable, together with the social evolution, instead it supports the importance of school in the life of the Roma. The father's rubber business in Vânători-Neamţ helped the Lăcătusu family to educate their children and integrate them into the Romanian community.

Attempts are still being made to integrate the Roma into the community through the participation of Roma children in plays and other didactic activities.

Even if they face prejudice, discrimination and social exclusion, the Roma fight for belonging, for an education, for a job, for health.

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